Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pro-choice; Pro-slavery

The Pro-choice and abolitionist's differences helped spur a civil war. Although the Civil War was not fought because of slavery, the war was spawned because of the dissension of the south that was caused by their supposed lack of freedom. A taking of a man's liberty. The freedom, the choice, the right to choose to own or not own a slave. We can catch a glimpse of what the confederates may have felt today, in the mass of emotions drummed up in the pro-choice activists of abortion and man to man marriage. I wonder, if women should have the right to choose the time and location of the death of their yet-to-premiere children, why shouldn't men be allowed to choose the color and age of their new farm implement?

If pro choice-ism spawned an INTRAnational war already, how long 'till it comes to blows again? Who's gonna throw the first punch? Sunday, we had a high-profile victim. A man who was killed for having his hand in the deaths of over 10,000 premature children, according to USA Today. Hopefully one side will concede rather than secede, and we can avoid a literal 'culture war'. But hopefully it will be the pro-choice side again, that surrenders. Surrenders to reason, logic, the conscience and TRUTH.

May God guide your mind and heart.

Ps- Sorry for the rethoric. I hope I used it rightly.