Monday, August 24, 2009

The Shortest Bible Version Ever (SBVE)

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and everything on it including man. 2 God will one day RE-create the heavens and the earth. 3 Anybody who has received God's gift of eternal life will live on it with new incorruptible bodies. 4 Amen.

Ok that said; let me fill in some blanks.

Firstly, God has given everyone life and the right to choose Him. (Though He gives some the ability to choose Him)

If you don't want to be with Him, then you don't have to be.

You see, you've broken His moral laws and He certainly shouldn't reward you by creating a separate heaven apart from him and sustain it as a gift for rejecting Him and breaking His Commandments, should He?

But, He has said that He's made a place for those who reject His Son and therefore reject the Father. (Even those who "accept" the Son but refuse to repent and turn from their sin life do not have the Holy Spirit of God.) This place is called Hell.

Now, all good things come from God. So then, when God ratifies your choice of separation from Him, you are choosing separation from everything that is good. (i.e. light, warmth, coolness, comfort, peace of mind) The absence of good is evil. You are choosing an eternity with everything (and everyone) that is wicked and evil. You can call this what you want, but God calls it Hell.

I warn you, do not be a fool when considering these things. There obviously won't be a second chance after you're dead. Now, if you don't find God here on earth, how will you find Him when you're dead? If you're separated from God in life, you'll be separated from Him after life.

In contrast, if you're joined with God in this life by His Spirit, given through Jesus by repentance and faith, then you will be joined with Him after this life. You must turn from your sinful nature and self-righteousness and grasp onto God's righteous nature, which is in His Spirit, given through Jesus, from the Father. Cling to Him as if your life depended on it, because it does.

Now, heaven would not be heaven if it were full of unrepentant sinners. Heaven is only heaven when it is made up of people who have been made righteous, not by their good deeds, but their trust and utter reliance on the cleansing power and full payment from the shed blood of the Lamb of God who was the final sacrifice for both Jew and non-Jew. This is Jesus who is the Christ, the living Son of the living God.

So, I urge you, decide now, whether you truly believe that you're a sinner and a lawbreaker with no righteousness of your own, that God came down from His throne in heaven to earth, to live in our corrupted bodies just to be beaten, mocked, spat upon, and nailed to a cross by the very things that He created and gave life to, that He died and resurrected Himself three days later just because He loves us.

If you really do believe this and today you repent and ask God for forgiveness and decide today to live for God, you too will be resurrected and live with God in a newly created heaven, a new earth, with a newly created body. You will share in this with many others who have nailed their will to the cross of Christ and accept God's perfect will for their lives.

All you can do is ask God to substitute His righteousness for yours and to conform you into the perfect image of His Son Jesus Christ.