Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where Is Your Faith?!

Science Blunders and Mistakes

They blame religion for the lack of science or stifling it.
They accuse Christians of reading the Bible as a science textbook.
They attempt to use archeology to disprove the Bible.
They used science to help build Nietzsche and Hitler's Supermen in WWII.

How long will you trust them;
How long?

They told us Pluto was a planet;
That the earth was flat;
That it was the center of the universe;
That we were all gonna die from AIDS;
From SARS;
From the Bird Flu;
From the Swine Flu;
From DDT;
From overpopulation.

How long will we have faith;
How long?

They even said Evolution was a fact.
Then they said humans were causing global warming.
They said that the matter in the universe came from nothing;
And exploded into everything.
They said, 'THERE IS NO GOD'.

How long? How long?

How many times do they have to be proven wrong?
How many times do they have to make mistakes?
How many times do they have to lie to us?
How many blunders do they have to make before you stop putting your faith in them and start putting it solely in God?