Saturday, March 20, 2010

Salt & Peppered Moths vs Blacks & White Men


I am soooo incredibly sick of evolutionists trotting out the Peppered Moths as proof of evolution. They say that there were 98% grey and 2% black. The tree bark turned black from soot and exaust from nearby factories(they always refer to this as pollution. i wonder why). Therefore, birds saw the grey moths and ate them. The black ones blended in with the trees and lived. 50 years later, there were 5% grey and 95% black. TADAH! THEY EVOLVED. What? The grey moths turned into black moths through mutations over a long period of time. NOPE. THIS IS TO SAY THAT DURING LEGAL AMERICAN SLAVERY, THERE WERE 98%WHITES AND 2% BLACKS. AND NOW 200 YEARS LATER THERE ARE 5% WHITE AND 95% BLACK. NOW YOU TELL ME,  DID THE WHITE MEN EVOLVE OVER TIME INTO BLACK MEN????
{(this is as close to a rhetorical question as you can get so try not to over think it)}