Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Justified American Hitmen--Have You Seen Them?

Have you ever seen one of these reality crime shows; these shows where you watch a court case played out in the past by TV actors or the actual video that was recorded by the hidden camera's used by officers in order to catch  the criminal in the act? I've seen a few of these. The ones with women criminals seem to be the most popular because they are the episodes I see the most. I have been both shocked and appalled at the ones I have seen because they show women who are trying to have a family member killed. The women decide they no longer love the person or whatever and find a 'professional' to kill them. Have you seen these? You can actually watch as these women negotiate with these trained killers; these guys who know one hundred different ways to stop a human heart. Have you seen it? You can watch the women sitting down and talking prices and talking about the methodology of the operation--how it's going to go down. Can you see it? It's just amazing to see their faces. They've actually convinced themselves that they are somehow in the right; they have justified their own actions and the actions of these professional hitmen who are 'helping' them. I hope you can see it now.